You’ve Taken the First Step Toward
Using Options to Create an
Infinite Teller Machine

Trading options has never been more popular.

Just ask the Wall Street Journal, which ran this headline recently:

Free Trades, Jackpot Dreams
Lure Small Investors to Options

Coronavirus-fueled market swings create opportunities…
brokers offer rock-bottom commissions

People are just waking up to the fact that options offer investors the best chance to make money fast.

But seasoned pros – institutional investors, hedge fund managers, and the like – have been using options for decades to add hundreds of millions in income to their bottom lines…

Of course, I’m talking about covered calls.

When used right, like the Wall Street pros, covered calls can turn a portfolio into an Infinite Teller Machine.

Now here’s the best part.

Today, everyday investors can use the very same covered call strategy.

All you need is access to a single website:

Since 1997, it’s been helping regular investors like you and me score additional income through covered calls.

It all comes from using the site’s different covered call option tables – eight of them in all, each completely user-friendly. 

There you’ll find the recommended call options for almost any stock you can imagine. Prices are updated daily, Monday through Friday.

Select a stock, pick one of the options, and sell it. When you sell an option, you bank the money into your account immediately.

That’s it. members, have everything at their fingertips to develop a steady stream of instant income from stocks they already own.

Listen, Wall Street pros have been selling call options against their portfolios for decades. It’s the income-boosting secret of the ultra-rich…

But you’d pay a king’s ransom to get them to handle your money.

Today, we’re offering you a different choice.

You can start using the exact same strategy by becoming a member of

The regular price for a one-month membership is $97.

But because we want as many people as possible to get access to the same Infinite Teller Machine strategy used by Wall Street…

If you join today, you’ll pay only $29.95 for the first month.

So, if you’d like to put the web’s #1 Covered Call website to work for you at the ridiculously low $29.95 for the first month price…simply fill out the secure order form below to get started.

Roger Michalski
Roger Michalski
& Eagle Financial Publications

P.S. I recommend using for a minimum of three months to fully realize this site’s unmatched covered call research.

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This site uses the highest encryption technologies available to safeguard your information.

This site uses the highest encryption technologies available to safeguard your information.