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Summary of Services (cont.)

Twenty-Five Covered Call Table

We send out a "1-Minute Survey" to members from time to time seeking input to make the covered calls service better. The result of one of these surveys was to establish a lower priced covered call table. So, we now have a table which is limited to stocks under $25. But, be careful! Sometimes there are good reasons why a stock is trading under 25 bucks!

The Twenty-Five Table highlights stocks that are trading under $25. Each stock has at least one industry analyst recommending the stock as a Strong Buy or Buy.

Raw Data Covered Call Tables

In addition to the 5 covered call tables you have now read about, we also have 3 more covered call tables. These 3 tables contain stocks that have not been reviewed for any of our normal criteria. They simply contain the highest premium returns. The 3 tables are titled:

  • Under $25 ITM (under $25 and in-the-money);
  • Under $25 OTM (under $25 and out-of-the-money); and
  • Over $25 (over $25 and in or out-of the money).

    That's it for covered call tables! 8 of them! You will most likely find that 1 or 2 of these tables fits your investing style just right!

    If you'd like to know a little bit about my "philosophy" and the schedule for the updating of the covered call tables, then you know the drill... click the little arrow...

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